Monthly Archives: May 2008

Trust in teams – encourage team reasoning

Thanks to Kevin Hogan for alerting me to new research which continues to chip away at the bedrock belief – in economics and management – that we are all selfish.

Researchers, Andrew Colman, Briony Pulford and Jo Rose from the University of Leicester, conducted experiments that show evidence of collective preferences and team reasoning. This contrasts with decision theory and game theory, which fundamentally assume that people will always make decisions to maximise their individual best interests.

The research shows that under certain conditions, people will attempt to maximise the collective benefit, rather than their own personal benefit.

The questions this paper raised for me was – what are the conditions under which people will do this and how can we develop team reasoning in our teams?

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Learning Feedback – what works

Thanks to Will Thalheimer for his recently released labour of love – a comprehensive report summarising and explaining the implications of the many strands of research about learning feedback. Paul & I will enjoy reviewing our feedback activities in light of this research. Well done and thanks for your generosity Will.