Monthly Archives: November 2008

Colouring between the lines

Last night I enjoyed a fascinating lecture & discussion with Richard Badham, Professor of Management at MGSM.  The intriguing title was “Rebels without Applause” and the discussion centred around how management researchers, especially those who use action research methods, can balance competing needs from industry and academia.  This was a salutatory lesson for me, as I start on my next phase of  academic pursuit.

Professor Badham also showed a great clip from Tom Peters (In Search of Excellence etc.) who talked about those who were rewarded for “colouring within the lines” and those who were compelled to draw outside the lines.

As a consultant with a strong conscience, I am often torn between doing what I’d agreed (colouring within the lines) and doing what seems like it will be more helpful to the particular client group; between respecting confidentiality and finding ways to anonymously raise critical issues; between being an outsider with a job to do and caring enough to become a change agent within the system.

It was comforting to know that there are others like me and inspiring to know that some are prepared to document their experiences as part of a strong reflective practice.

Above the line / Below the belt

Above the line / below the line is a commonly used concept to talk to managers and employees about what sorts of words and behaviour are helpful / not helpful in the workplace.

I have devised a facilitation activity entitled “Above the line / Below the Belt” which explores this concept through mock debates.  If you would like to recieve a copy of the instructions for this activity, send an email to sharon[at]

Learning ahas

Today’s session with Dr Bruce Copley and his “heartner” Barbara, was a great reminder that it only takes a little bit more effort to create a learning experience rather than be lazy and fall back on telling.  As Bruce stated, the first principle of learning is: “involve people and they will learn”.

Two things I am very keen to play with are the holoprint (pictured) and the electromagnetic ball.  For more on these “tools” visit Dr Bruce Copley’s website aaha learning Thanks also to Rob Clarke at Training Australia Magazine and Curtin Uni, for sponsoring the “teaser session”.