Monthly Archives: February 2009

A picture is worth…

I spent a chunk of last year trying to get my head around the research into sustainability, to help position the new “Sustainable Leadership Practices” (SLP) tool I was testing, courtesy of Professor Gayle Avery at MGSM.

In frustration I turned to Wikipedia and found this image (reproduced on the left below) and suddenly all the research clicked into place.  The issue for me was that the SLP tool largely measures equitable practices located in the purple space (see below) and I was mainly reading in the green spaces and feeling like the tool didn’t cover enough of that space.  Now I am creating my own image so I can confidently locate the SLP tool within the bigger picture.


Talking about it versus showing it

Just skimming through Steve Denning’s latest eNewsletter and I clicked on a supposedly helpful link (not from Steve): “50 Writing Tools”.  Hmmm – “50 Writing concepts and not an example in sight” would be a more descriptive title.

I tried another link: “Having your listeners get the point without preachiness” and Steve gave three simple examples of phrases that we can all use after a story to help people get the point subtly.

I hope I’m not breaching copyright here, but here’s one example from his article:

“Just imagine” you started an article or a presentation with three guiding principles and then gave an example of each.  How much better is that than than three orphan concepts with no sibling examples?

[Note to self: good start, needs more practice to improve the subtlety!]

In the meantime, check out Steve Denning‘s excellent website and articles for a master of the art of business storytelling.

Wisps of Ideas

One summer’s day at Chinamans beach, I watched amazed as tiny wisps of nearly nothing swirled together to become a significant cloud.  I’d never noticed a cloud appear from nothing before and marvelled at the process.

This metaphor neatly describes my experience over the past six months.  From a wisp of an idea last year, sixteen excited souls have swirled together to form a Salon for Social Entrepreneurs, in conjunction with the Centre for Social Impact, UNSW.

I have the great fortune to be co-facilitating alongside Cheryl Kernot from the Centre, who proposed the idea and is contributing pro bono time to the Salon, and Julian Noel, whose Aware Business Community generated many of the connections to budding social entrepreneurs.

Stay tuned for some exciting developments, the first being the launch of “Wake Up Sydney” a venture founded by Salon member Jonathon Fisher.