Monthly Archives: October 2009

Complementarity – what it means for organizational change

In my research into sustainable leadership practices, I have come across some helpful research on “complementarity”, which may provide both an answer to the question of “why does it seem so hard for the average organisation to change?” and potential guidance for organisations who do attempt to make a  change, especially a change to being a sustainable organisation.

I first came across the idea courtesy of John Roberts and the Modern Firm and am now perusing the supporting literature.

The essence of the academic idea of complementarity is that variables (in this case organisational performance variables) are complements when “doing (more of) one of them increases the returns of doing (more of) the other” (Roberts, 2004, p34).

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Idea Paint – for the ultimate home/office whiteboard

I’ve never been able to find a whiteboard big enough … and now I don’t have to.  As soon as I find out how to order a tin or three of Idea Paint, watch out, no office surface will be safe.

According to the website blurb:

“IdeaPaint can turn virtually anything you can paint into a high-performance dry-erase surface, giving you a place to interact, communicate and fully explore your creativity.”