Monthly Archives: February 2010

Bill Gates starts the ‘Innovate to Zero’ party

Thanks to Remo Guiffre from my favourite online shop REMO, for conneting me to Bill Gates’ latest TED Talk.

Bill believes that climate is even important than “vaccines and seeds” and is challenging us to “innovate to Zero” emissions.  I love that he is using a positive word like innovate – rather than a call to wage another war.  Bring it on I say and let’s see who can compete best and quickest in service to the planet.

Google’s Success formula – Lovable Stars vs Jerks?

Thanks to Ralph Kerle for the interesting comparison of creativity at Google and Microsoft. It makes me wonder if there’s something Google isn’t telling us about its hiring policy.  One of my favourite articles for discussions with technical and professional staff is the Harvard Business Review piece on Competent Jerks, Lovable Fools and Social networks.  According to the authors Casciaro and Lobo, there are two dimensions by which we judge our workmates – intelligence and likeability.

I wonder if Google has hit the recruitment jackpot in weeding out the jerks and hiring the lovable stars – people who are both smart and likeable.  As you might guess from your own experience – there seem to be fewer stars than jerks in most workplaces.  Perhaps that’s because all the stars are working at Google.

Are Bankers missing the fairness gene?

I laughed at Lynne Taggart’s blog about investment banker bonuses being announced in the same weeks that celebrities were trying to drum up donations from regular folk for the Haiti appeal.  Most of us are brought up to value fairness – not investment bankers in the USA according to Taggart!

A friend of mine says, “I refuse to allow someone else’s meanness to determine my generosity”, so give now to Haiti if you have a few extra dollars.