Monthly Archives: January 2011

If we believe it we can achieve it

Now here’s a headline I like to see: “100% Renewable Energy is not limited to our Wildest Dreams” .  According to the researchers, it is possible in 20-40 years at no extra cost.  Read the Fast Company article here (you need to sign up for a login).

The “only” barriers are social, business and political inertia – a snap for 1 million women to shift.  Let’s get moving girls (and guys).

Books that make the Business Case for Sustainability

Happy New Year.

Over Christmas I read up on a number of books explaining the Business Case for Sustainability including:

The Sustainability Advantage, by Bob Willard

Sustainable Leadership: Honeybee & Locust Approaches, by Gayle Avery and Harald Bergsteiner

Making Sustainability Work, by Marc Epstein

I enjoyed all three books – Avery & Bergsteiner’s had many interesting research links and corporate examples, as did Epstein’s – but I particularly liked Bob Willard’s book, which outlines a number of the “yes, buts” and importantly, provides responses to a number of them.  The key, he says, is to reinforce the “both and” – acknowledging that managers can have both profits and sustainability, can be both hard nosed business people and socially, environmentally aware.

Next month, I will be adapting Willard’s Sustainability Business Case spreadsheet to provide local examples.  In the meantime, the DECCW site has a number of case studies of sustainability in NSW, as do most of the other State Government sites.