Monthly Archives: December 2012

Strengthen that will power muscle

Discipline, will power and self-regulation are loaded terms at this time of year, when we are torn between letting ourselves go and enjoying ourselves or staying on the straight and narrow.  Here are 8 practical and research-based tips from Tim Psychyl for strenghtening your will-power muscles so that you can have the kind of year that is both satisfying and enjoyable.

Best wishes to all for a ‘restive’ festive season.

The gifts of 2012

Thanks to Christine Carlton for her thought-provoking final session for the Sydney Facilitators Network.  I especially liked the reflection activity asking us to think of the gifts that 2012 had brought to us – even the ones that had been tightly wrapped with a knot and thus took a little time to open and appreciate.  Great framing.

I have received many gifts this year, including a stronger connection with the facilitators network, which I will enjoy contributing to next year.  My growing list of gifts includes: fascinating clients, collaborative peers, challenging work, fun and laughter and time for coffee and a swim down the beach (to name just a few).

A great riff on the gratitude list – I think I will start to keep a gift list for each month.

Best wishes to all for the holiday season.