Monthly Archives: August 2013

5 things to increase well-being that don’t cost the earth!

Thanks to Rob Deitz and Dan O’Neill’s book Enough is Enough for alerting me to the research from The New Economics Foundation.  They’ve summarized the evidence and described five proven ways to increase well-being:
1. Connect – maintain close relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.
2. Be active – take part in enjoyable physical activities.
3. Take notice – be curious, savor the moment, and be aware of what’s happening in the world.
4. Keep learning – try new things and set challenges that would be enjoyable to achieve.
5. Give – express gratitude and do helpful things for others.

My experience has been that they are all true … and the great thing is they can all be done for free.

Not now thanks, maybe later!


It’s that time of year when I think about shifting that sneaky winter layer that’s crept up on me.  I was planning a four week diet but Roy Baumeister’s Willpower book suggests I’m in for a real struggle if I put any items on the banned list.

Rather than deny myself certain foods or drinks, Baumeister & Tierney suggest that its better for my health to say “Not now thanks, maybe later”.

The benefit of this strategy is that it avoids the “what the heck” blow-out if I do have a weak moment and succumb to something I said I wasn’t going to have.

So for the next month I am going to allow myself wine, chocolate and carbs, but not now – maybe later thanks!

Sharing Sydney – join the move to collaborative consumption


Good to see the City of Sydney council is supporting the collaborative consumption movement – which is all about sharing stuff instead of owing or hoarding it.

Having the council involved addresses two of the barriers to collaborative consumption programs.  One barrier is  – trust – can I trust that others won’t damage or steal my stuff; and critical mass – are there enough people near me who want to share with me to make it worth my while participating.

The City of Sydney activities and events are open to all residents and workers, so come along to an event soon, make connections and improve your work and life.