Monthly Archives: November 2013

The new work frontier – human powered organisations

With human power being the most plentiful resource on our planet, I cannot understand why so many organisations are still focused on lowering headcount and replacing people with technology.  I for one am going to work in the other direction.  For every four people who are prepared to work a four day work week (see my previous blog) we can offer a job to a fifth person – possibly a student or someone who is currently unemployed but still seeking work.

It makes sense as a fabulous social innovation that will revolutionise our workplaces, our home lives and our communities.

Think about it.  Who do you know who is finishing school or university this year with no stable future in front of them, or has been retrenched in their early 50s and can’t find replacement work at the same level?  How many of us do you know who are managers and specialists and spend way too much time doing paperwork instead of the work we are skilled to do because all our admin staff have been retrenched or fired?

Wouldn’t you like to help them and simultaneously free up some of your time?

The Four Day Work Week – is it time?

I’ve been re-thinking the possibilities of a four day work week – the benefits being less stress, less time in peak hour traffic, more time with friends and family and more time for personal creative projects.  All it takes is learning to live on 80% of our current earnings. So, as a starting gesture I’m taking a month off purchasing any new stuff (food excluded) in November to see how hard it is.

Then it will be Christmas.  My new favourite Christmas gift is loans to on behalf of family and friends, so I won’t have to buy any new stuff for gifts.  And I can attend the North Sydney Womens Clothes and Accessories Swap so I don’t have to purchase any new clothes for Christmas parties!

Today an email popped into my inbox from Co-Exist with the heading “The 30 Hour Workweek is here (if you want it)!  Hooray, someone else is thinking the same and done some heavy duty thinking.  I can’t wait to read the new book Time on our Side from the New Economic Forum (so I will make one exception to my no new stuff – although because it is an e-book I could sneakily argue it isn’t “stuff” – it’s food for my brain and my imagination.