Monthly Archives: October 2014

We can all be philanthropists

Thanks to the Centre for Social Impact and AGSM for a very interesting lecture on philanthropy by Daniel Petre. Although I initially thought the topic was “preaching to the converted”, I found his “call to action” – for each of us to find something we are passionate about – was very motivating. It got me reflecting that my volunteering and investment efforts so far have been a bit scatter gun.  He also challenged us to “get rigorous” and “not to reward mediocrity” – there are lots of nice people in the community sector but they are not all doing great work.

It’s great to have a spokesperson like him for philanthropy and social impact – now we need 1000 more to get to the tipping point. I trust that having these sorts of subjects available to our upcoming MBA students will tip the balance for the future.  But when I open the Fin Review and see “Me, first. The MBA re-imagined” from another university, I know it’s still going to be a hard slog.

What’s the equivalent to “productivity” for creative types?

I’ve enjoyed the book Time Management for Unmanageable People so I was pondering a good equivalent for time management in the 21st century. My resident e-Organising guru suggested “productivity” but it doesn’t really resonate. Nothing came up in the thesaurus so off to Mr Google I went. Immediately Todd Henry’s blog smacked me in the head. Off course, productivity is an noun – it describes a desired state of being. But Henry says that what creatives want or need to do is produce real stuff. So I’m off to produce something – this blog – and then polish it until it shines.