About Sharon

Sharon McGann, B.Bus, M.Ed (Adult Ed) is an adult educator, facilitator and mentor who is fascinated with how people connect and collaborate to turn goals and dreams into reality. Her mission is to encourage more people to get moving towards their dreams. Her online community provides a playful space to learn and practice how to ‘Mess with your own Mind’ by shift limiting beliefs or feelings of unworthiness.

After management roles in the Air Force and in Financial Services, Sharon’s third career involves over a decade running her own Learning and Development consulting practice. She has worked with both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors and is especially interested in giving youth a good start in their working lives.

For the past few years, Sharon has explored the psychology and business research into thriving and the reasons why people limit themselves from achieving their dreams.  Her first book, 21 Ways to Get Unstuck: Keep moving towards your dreams, gives practical tools for readers to keep moving towards their important goals and dreams both at work and in all aspects of their lives