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Girl Code – women soaring together

Book review of Girl Code, by Cara Alwill Leyba.
This wasn’t the book I was expecting – there are a couple of books with the same title about girl coders. This is more about the secret of girls’ clubs. What it does very well is highlight the benefits of being part of a network.  One example is Chooks South Australia – a network that aims to address the gender differentials in investment in start ups and social enterprises (Search for ‘Chooks SA’ on Facebook).

The main chapters of the Girl Code book tease out what is a bit different about women in business and how we can support and encourage each other, especially when dealing with the ‘confidence cringe’ that many women have. The format is short interviews with successful American women and their philosophies and lessons.

In summary:
What women need more of:
Connection and Contribution. We all love to be needed so we each succeed when we help others succeed.
Plus, the Confidence to be who we are. It’s actually harder covering up our quirkiness in order to fit in. Groups can be a safe space to test and confirm that we are okay just as we are.

What women need less of:
Insecurity.  No one who is great now, was great when they started.
Excuses. too old, too young, too much this, not enough that.  Do what you can now.  It’s only discomfort, you won’t die if they say no, so get on with it.
Cattiness and envy.  We can have what others are having, we just have to work hard and consistently for it.
Fear.  We fear that we won’t be able to cope but we can, we are women!

My new take on the Helen Ready Anthem:

We are women, watch us soar, in a flock that’s too big to ignore!

Nurturing social entrepreneurs & enterprises

I’ve just finished a year long Salon for Social Entrepreneurs, in conjunction with Cheryl Kernot from the Centre for Social Impact, Julian Noel from Aware Business and an amazing group of existing and budding social entrepreneurs and supporters.  We’ve learned a lot about what’s required to set up and build social enterprises and there’s lots more learning to come as our entrepreneurs put the ideas and contacts into operation.

Last night I finished my paper exploring the year’s lessons, which I get to present at the SLaM Conference: Feb 11-14. The paper attempts to answer to the question I’ve been asked all year when I talk about the Salon – “What do you mean by social enterprises?”

The real lesson for me has been how much I love nurturing and supporting these inspiring people and connecting them with ideas, contacts and access to support.

A new niche is opening for me personally and with A Passion for Results.

Meaning is the most powerful motivator

According to author Guy Kawasaki, entrepreneurs don’t ask themselves “Do I want to make money and gain power and prestige?”,  rather they ask  “Do I  want to make meaning?”, or typically “do I want to make a positive difference in this world?”

Kawasaki credits meaning with being the most powerful motivator in the world and I agree.  It won’t guarantee success, but it will keep you going long after the money has dried up.