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Connecting Scanners and Makers

I love Barbara Sher’s Scanner* network and the “Look what I’ve made” group. I also love her idea for a “Scanners, Steal my Idea” group, but I wonder…

[Here’s my main idea which I would love someone to steal]

For a while have been thinking that if  the Scanner community could get connected with communities of makers that would be even better than asking Scanners to steal our ideas. Makers – be they craftspeople, tradespeople, software or business developers – might be interested to steal and produce some of our ideas.

I am one of those Scanners who gets my joy from imagining fantastical new things. I have much less interest in building and creating (perhaps because it takes soooooo long). I would love to partner with makers who do love the work of making things.

* For those less familiar with Barbara’s work, Scanners are people with multiple interests and talents.  Also called multipotentialites by Emilie Wapnick in her TED talk

Dangerous or unfashionable – ideas for everyone

After reading Alexander McCall Smith’s article in the Sydney Morning Herald about his writing being deeply unfashionable when he started, I decided to allow myself to be deeply unfashionable too. As I consequence I am off to the Opera Theatre next weekend to listen to a day of divergent and potentially unfashionable talks at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

First I’ll listed to McCall himself talk about the idea of society being broken and whether and how we can knit it back together with civility and kindness.  Or are they old-fashioned ideas?

Next, I’ll listen to a panel discussing whether some aboriginals are more aboriginal than others.

Then I’m off to hear Cheryl Kernot, Dick Smith and Philip Nitschke talk about changing their minds, a deeply unfashionable trait in the current environment.

Finally, I will listen to a panel discussing citizen’s revolutions and how we can participate in creating a world we all want to live in.

Looking forward to it.  Join me if you dare.