Self Soothe Sundays: Reconnecting in Nature


There’s support all around us, but when we are stressed and out of balance, we cannot see or feel that support. And many of us have not learned to soothe ourselves when we get upset.
Join us for a nurturing day where we will learn and practice new skills to get back to connection and joy, more quickly and easily.
We’ll also see proof about who we really are: we’re part of nature, and equally we are part of the infinite field. We are co-creators of our world.

About the Playshop

Highlights of the day
Listen to plants communicate
Use creative arts and your imagination – no experience required.
Learn tools to become more hopeful and to soothe your emotions when
you get angry or upset

If you are willing, you will leave with
… Greater peace and sense of connection to all of life and self
… A journal of ideas and next steps
… More hope and joy
… Techniques: Parallel-Universe thinking;
Emotion-calming; Appreciation
… Scientific discoveries that give reason for hope
… An experience of the sentience of plants



Sunday 19th August 2018
Braeside Park, Melbourne. We will be indoors and outdoors, so bring clothes for both.
10.15am arrival for a 10:30am to 3.30pm adventure

… your lunch (or a share plate if you have no intolerances)
… a water bottle (hot drinks provided)
… an arts journal and a few colourful pens, textas or crayons
… a folding chair or rug to sit on outdoors
We will be walking on easy paths. Please enquire for access information.

Join us

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Enquiries: Sharon 0414 537 305 sharon at
Regina 0411 239 116 regina at

Your Hosts are:

Sharon McGann from A Passion for Results
For 20 years Sharon has run a learning and development consultancy business. She is fascinated with how we develop the skills to manage our thinking, emotions and relationships. Sharon has recently moved back to her hometown of Adelaide to build a sustainable house and provide mental-emotional ‘brain’ training and encouragement services for businesses and retirees who would like to flourish by playing a more active role in the community.

Regina Orchard From Tune into Plants
Regina is an Arts therapist, wellness
facilitator, and author of a book about
thriving using the largely unknown
energetic principles of life.
In Regina’s words, “A conscious life is a
magical, wild ride, and even more so when
we realise how all the universe, including
plants, are conscious and willing to be our
friends and mutual supporters.”