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Redefining Education – “school for life”

I’ve been catching up on some overdue reading from the Stanford Social Innovation Review Winter 2012 edition.  So many great ideas and so little time to play with them all.  (Well not exactly true if I’ve got granny’s good genes – she’s 95 and still enjoying Wimbledon).

My first favourite idea from this edition is “school for life” a new education model for developing countries.  The model is based on programs in Asia, Latin America and Africa.  It proposes that content should focus less on western curricula and academic skills and more on basic life skills such as health, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.  In addition, the focus should be on student-centred learning and group skills because group efficacy is as important as self-efficacy.

Makes sense not just for developing countries but maybe in struggling areas in Australia too!

Flipping Classrooms!

I love the name and the concept – flip what students learn in the classroom.    Instead of teaching them the theory in the classroom and then have them do “homework” or “back in the office work” to put the theory in practice – flip these two.

Give them the theory as texts, articles or short lectures that they can read and watch online or on their phones in their own time.  Then use the classroom time to do the hard stuff, putting the concepts into practice.

Check out the Kahn Academy and get inspired.